Floodlight House



The brief for an extension to a 1920’s house backing on to the Hobart rivulet and Fitzroy gardens called for increased visual and physical access to its garden setting. This was in stark contrast to the flood overlay planning requirements for the floor level to be raised above the site it sought to connect with. The resulting addition sets up a series of decks and landings at height intervals not requiring balustrades and gradually spills into the immediate garden drawing in the neighbouring park through large glazing and openings. Angled fin screens capture and control distant views while providing privacy from the immediate neighbours, and allow for ever changing light and shadow and the colouring of the gardens to internal spaces.

Team: Nathan Crump + Ryan Cawthorn

Completed: 2017

Builder: VO Projects

Engineer: David Mckinnon HSE

Photographer: Matt Sansom

Pillinger St-24.jpg
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